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The Bookends

The Bookends - Calliope

The Bookends new album, Calliope, is like an amusement ride for your heart and soul. The 14 original tracks have a power pop edge with some garage and psych sounds. Karen Lynn and Sharon Lee comprise the Bookends and their signature sound involves singing beautifully in unison. They are extraordinarily talented first cousins who co-wrote an album that is a real spirit-lifter. “We hope we can bring a refreshing escape to our listeners and that they enjoy the music and feel at the end of the album like they’d want to repeat the musical ride again!” Karen said.

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"Sing This Song"


  1. 1. Calliope
  2. 2. Face The Facts
  3. 3. Stop Right There
  4. 4. Keep Moving On
  5. 5. Mr. Know It All
  6. 6. Make It Alright
  7. 7. Sing This Song
  8. 8. It's Your Turn
  9. 9. Have It All
  10. 10. She's Got It
  11. 11. Got To Tell You
  12. 12. Can't Be Wrong
  13. 13. Chasing Time
  14. 14. World