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The Black Seeds
Dust And Dirt

The Black Seeds - Dust And Dirt

The Black Seeds - New Zealand's reggae-soul heavyweights - return with their new studio album. The multi-platinum selling band follows up on 2009's Sold Ground by going even further into funk, soul, afrobeat and reggae sonic experimentation.

Easy Star is also reissuing the Black Seeds' back catalog including two titles that have never been available on CD in the US before.

'...remarkable ability to create modern masterpieces reflecting psychedelic edge' - Inside World Music

TAGS: Reggae | Soul | World

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"Pippy Pip"


  1. 1. Out Of Light
  2. 2. Dust And Dirt
  3. 3. Pippy Pip
  4. 4. Wide Open
  5. 5. The Bend
  6. 6. Loose Cartilage
  7. 7. Frostbite
  8. 8. Gabriel's Strut Dub
  9. 9. Love Me Now
  10. 10. Cracks In Our Crown
  11. 11. Don't Turn Around
  12. 12. Settle Down
  13. 13. Rusted Story