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The Barr Brothers
Queens Of The Breakers

The Barr Brothers - Queens Of The Breakers

Queens Of The Breakers is the Barr Brothers finest work yet, a collection of songs from deep within the soul that speak to the raw, elemental power of reflection, forgiveness, loss, family, and growing older. The eleven songs find the band, featuring brothers Brad (guitar) and Andrew Barr (drums), and Sarah Pagé (harp), further on their thrilling path of exploring the outer limits of folk, blues, rock and Americana made north of the American border.


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  2. 1. Defibrillation (Featuring Lucius)
  3. 2. Look Before It Changes
  4. 3. Song That I Heard
  5. 4. Maybe Someday
  6. 5. Kompromat
  7. 6. You Would Have To Lose Your Mind
  8. 7. Queens Of The Breakers
  9. 8. It Came To Me
  10. 9. Hideous Glorious
  11. 10. Hideous Glorious Part 2
  12. 11. Ready For War

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