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The Antlers
Green To Gold

The Antlers - Green To Gold

It begins with a hypnotic drum loop leading us into a haunting guitar & the cool echoing voice of Peter Silberman. Speaking on the title track for the new album from the Antlers, Silberman states, “The song is a long contemplation of the passage of time, but with the personal events and judgments omitted. Just a description of what is.” Conceived & written almost entirely in the morning hours, Green To Gold is the band’s first new music in nearly seven years and is easily their most luminous to date.

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"Green To Gold"


  1. 1. Strawflower
  2. 2. Wheels Roll Home
  3. 3. Solstice
  4. 4. Stubborn Man
  5. 5. Just One Sec
  6. 6. It Is What It Is
  7. 7. Volunteer
  8. 8. Green To Gold
  9. 9. Porchlight
  10. 10. Equinox