New Releases For September 28, 2010

The 88
The 88

The 88 - The 88

With their catchy pop hooks, irresistible melodies and high-energy live performances, The 88 have caught the eyes and ears of fans and rock peers.

The 88 have opened for such acts as Ray Davies (who provides additional vocals on 'They Ought To See You Now'), The Smashing Pumpkins, B-52's, The Flaming Lips and Black Francis. Their music has been featured on hit television shows like How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy, Weeds, Gossip Girl and Community (they perform the main theme song).

Now The 88 release their finest collection of songs yet. Melding various influences ranging from British Invasion-era bands to 70's glam and garage rock, the self-titled album will appeal to audiences everywhere.

TAGS: Alternative | Pop

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"They Ought To See You Now"


  1. 1. Center Of The Sun
  2. 2. They Ought To See You Now
  3. 3. After Hours
  4. 4. Won't Catch Me
  5. 5. As Far As I Can See
  6. 6. Automatic Brain
  7. 7. Hold On
  8. 8. Dead On The Water
  9. 9. Takes It Away
  10. 10. Diamond In The Coal
  11. 11. Lost And Found