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Texas Hippie Coalition

Texas Hippie Coalition - Rollin'

Rollin' is a heart-pounding, nearly non-stop off-road ride through the too-often neglected back forty of heavy metal. It perhaps lacks the sheer visceral ferocity of the later works of Pantera, but replaces the missing edge with a kind of self-aware swagger and devil-may-care attitude. Truly, it's not a stretch to say that this is the new generation of 'outlaw' metal, as the album gives off vibes of open, blasted lands and roving vagrants facing off with the Texas rangers.


  1. 1. Intervention
  2. 2. Flawed
  3. 3. Rollin'
  4. 4. Jesus Freak
  5. 5. Pissed Off and Mad About It
  6. 6. Groupie Girl
  7. 7. Saddle Sore
  8. 8. Cocked and Loaded
  9. 9. Back From Hell
  10. 10. Beg