New Releases For April 30, 2021

Teresinha Landeiro

Teresinha Landeiro - Agora

Teresinha Landeiro can be considered one of the foremost representatives of the new Fado generation. Born and raised in Azeitão, Portugal, she first performed publicly at the age of 12. She has graced the halls of The Centro Cultural de Belém and the Teatro Capitólio in Lisbon along with international performances at Fado festivals in Bogota, Columbia, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Seville, Spain. Now at the age of 24 Teresinha has released her second album Agora, a collaboration with renowned virtuoso guitarist Pedro de Castro, who also composed many of the melodies with Teresinha writing the majority of the lyrics.

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  1. 1. Amanhã
  2. 2. O Tempo
  3. 3. Amor Não É Brincadeira
  4. 4. O Mundo
  5. 5. Batom
  6. 6. O Coração
  7. 7. Longe Denais
  8. 8. Desculpa
  9. 9. Apenas Sombra
  10. 10. O Meu Xaile