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Tengger Cavalry
Cian Bi

Tengger Cavalry - Cian Bi

Tengger Cavalry teach the greatness of every sound symbiosis. With a mighty mix out of Mongolian overtone singing and violin empowered folk metal these New York mind blasters create something special and unique. Their nomadic fighting spirit helps to fuse unworldly cultures in harmony - and that’s the spirit. Multi-cultural development, acceptance of diversity and individual freedom. With their music as a deputy: distorted guitars and doublebass-blastings hit this very own singing style out of Central Asia. With the Mongolian horsehead fiddle aka Morin khuur these extremes got stick together to a thrilling sound.

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"Ride Into Grave And Glory (War Horse II)"


  1. 1. And Darkness Continues
  2. 2. Cian Bi (Fight Your Darkness)
  3. 3. Our Ancestors
  4. 4. Strength
  5. 5. Chasing My Horse
  6. 6. Electric Shaman
  7. 7. Ride Into Grave And Glory (War Horse II)
  8. 8. Redefine
  9. 9. A Drop Of The Blood, A Leap Of The Faith
  10. 10. The Old War
  11. 11. One Tribe, Beyond Any Nation
  12. 12. Just Forgive
  13. 13. One-Track Mind
  14. 14. You And I, Under The Same Sky
  15. 15. Sitting In Circle