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Teenage Wrist
Earth Is A Black Hole

Teenage Wrist - Earth Is A Black Hole

The world may seem like a pretty strange place right now, but if nothing else that’s forced us into realizing that being human is a shared experience. That sentiment lies at the core of Earth Is A Black Hole, the second full-length from the Los Angeles rock act Teenage Wrist. The album also marks the group’s first release as a duo, with guitarist Marshall Gallagher stepping up as frontman, and longtime drummer Anthony Salazar backing him up in spectacular fashion.

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  1. 1. Squeeze (Intro)
  2. 2. Taste Of Gasoline
  3. 3. New Emotion
  4. 4. Yellowbelly
  5. 5. Silverspoon
  6. 6. Wear U Down
  7. 7. High Again
  8. 8. Wasting Time
  9. 9. Earth Is A Black Hole
  10. 10. Stella

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 23
    Louisville, KY, US Louder Than Life Festival 2021
  • Nov 11
    Daytona Beach, FL, US Welcome to Rockville 2021
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