New Releases For February 28, 2020

Taylor Bradshaw

Taylor Bradshaw - Twine

Twine is the debut album of Taylor Bradshaw. Fusing energetic folk punk aesthetics with dreamier love songs, Taylor explores the emotional extremes of mercurial passion. “Taylor is a true artist from the inside out. This young artist not only demands your attention, but he stands out amongst the rest,” says Ben Ali of Keep Walking Music. Flourishing in New York City’s energetic music scene, Bradshaw tears it up on stage until blood streaks his guitar, then eases back into introspective love songs for those who have left their mark on his life.

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  1. 1. Celebrate
  2. 2. Our First Date
  3. 3. Slow Dance
  4. 4. Self Indulgent
  5. 5. Never Knew Ya
  6. 6. Laura
  7. 7. Rolling Train
  8. 8. Pull The Rug
  9. 9. The Bends
  10. 10. Live Or Die
  11. 11. Twine