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T. Hardy Morris
The Digital Age Of Rome

T. Hardy Morris - The Digital Age Of Rome

Heading into the spring of 2020, T. Hardy Morris had 12 demos that he thought would make-up his next album, then everything changed. The world took a break and so his plans to record did as well. As we all watched and waited out the storms; viral and societal, we seemed to wake up scrolling through a whole new century, a time Morris began to refer to as The Digital Age Of Rome. He scrapped the demos and began a collection of songs in quarantine where the unprecedented times and topics were unavoidable. He wanted to document the era sonically and lyrically in some way. “I wanted it to sound like how the world felt to me in the second half of 2020. Uncomfortable and chaotic, dystopian but still beautiful.” The Digital Age Of Rome was recorded in a deserted downtown Athens, Ga. with long-time collaborator/producer Adam Landry.

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"Shopping Center Sunsets"


  1. 1. DirtRocker
  2. 2. New New New...Next Next Next
  3. 3. The Digital Age Of Rome
  4. 4. Shopping Center Sunsets
  5. 5. Down & Out
  6. 6. Love Takes
  7. 7. First World Problems
  8. 8. Fake Gold
  9. 9. I Assure You (An Ode)
  10. 10. Just Pretend Everything is Fine

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 24
    Athens, GA, US AthFest 2021
  • Sep 28
    Atlanta, GA, US Deer Tick with T. Hardy Morris at Terminal West
  • Sep 30
    Athens, GA, US Deer Tick with T. Hardy Morris at 40 Watt Club
  • Oct 01
    Birmingham, AL, US Deer Tick and T. Hardy Morris at Saturn
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