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Sylvie Simmons
Blue On Blue

Sylvie Simmons - Blue On Blue

“Each song also develops like a short, beautiful film, as we paddle along with her in sad rippling shallows.” 4 Stars - MOJO

The new album by renowned author, singer-songwriter, and ukulele player Sylvie Simmons (author of I’m Your Man: The Life Of Leonard Cohen) is the follow-up to her revelatory 2014 debut Sylvie. The album finds Sylvie reuniting with producer Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) in Tucson. Her unforgettable songs, delicate but sensual and bold, earned unanimous praise and rave reviews, with comparisons to a young Marianne Faithfull, a punk Piaf, and a female Leonard Cohen.

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"Keep Dancing"


  1. 1. Keep Dancing
  2. 2. Nothing
  3. 3. Not In Love
  4. 4. The Thing They Don't Tell You About Girls
  5. 5. Waiting For The Shadows To Fall
  6. 6. Carey's Song
  7. 7. Creation Day
  8. 8. Sweet California
  9. 9. The Man Who Painted The Sea Blue
  10. 10. Stay Awhile
  11. 11. 1000 Years Before I Met You