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Swollen Members
Beautiful Death Machine

Swollen Members - Beautiful Death Machine

Vancouver hip-hop act Swollen Members were written off by the music industry. Early albums like Bad Dreams, Balance, and Monsters In The Closet shot to the top of the charts with platinum success and countless industry accolades, including Juno Awards.

However, behind the scenes the group's behavior had deteriorated into an abyss of self-destructing drug use and hedonism. They returned to reclaim their place at the top of the hip-hop scene with the release of their 2011 Juno nominated album Dagger Mouth.

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"The Difference / Watts60 Interlude"


  1. 1. Inception / Darker Side Interlude
  2. 2. Death To You (Featuring Slaine, Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz)
  3. 3. BAX WAR
  4. 4. King Of Diamonds / Disagree Interlude
  5. 5. Juggernaut
  6. 6. The Difference / Watts60 Interlude
  7. 7. River Monster / Underground Interlude
  8. 8. Mercenary
  9. 9. Colossal Beasts (Featuring Esoteric, Celph Titled & Apathy)
  10. 10. Almost Famous
  11. 11. Death Warrant
  12. 12. Fear (Featuring Snak The Ripper)