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Swing Out Sister
Private View

Swing Out Sister - Private View

Led by the crystalline vocals of Corinne Drewery and the multi-instrument composing and playing talents of Andy Connell, Grammy-nominated sophisti-soul group Swing Out Sister has maintained a fanatic following of hardcore fans around the globe, and sold millions of records worldwide.

Private View is an intimate, jazzy, mainly acoustic re-imagining of some of their most popular hit songs such as 'Breakout,' 'Am I The Same Girl?' and 'La La Means I Love You' as well as newer yet still loved material such as 'Now You're Not Here,' 'Incomplete Without You' and 'And The Flowers Will Grow.'

TAGS: Pop | Smooth Jazz | Soul

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"Incomplete Without You"


  1. 1. Incomplete Without You
  2. 2. You On My Mind
  3. 3. It May Not Be Enough (Interlude)
  4. 4. La La Means I Love You
  5. 5. And The Flowers Will Grow (Interlude)
  6. 6. Am I The Same Girl?
  7. 7. Notgonnachange
  8. 8. Breakout (Fabulous Forty Mix)
  9. 9. Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
  10. 10. Now You're Not Here (Taj Calder Instrumental)