New Releases For September 28, 2010

Sweet Cobra

Sweet Cobra - Mercy

Christened by PunkNews as 'Born Against covering Black Sabbath,' Sweet Cobra is the sound of friends scuffing up their hardcore roots with classic rock grit and classic metal fury.

Parallels can be drawn to Torche's rapturous hooks, High On Fire's hellbound riffing, and Young Widows' stomping rhythms, but Sweet Cobra has always rocked with its own unique voice-earnest, driving, anthemic songs that are equally pummeling and trance-inducing.

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  1. 1. Brux
  2. 2. Mercy
  3. 3. SilveRed
  4. 4. Matriarch
  5. 5. Crusader
  6. 6. Reinhold London
  7. 7. Wounded Parade
  8. 8. Sprague Dawley