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Swamp Dogg
Rat On! (reissue)

Swamp Dogg - Rat On! (reissue)

Re-mastered reissue (available on both CD Digipack & Vinyl) of Rat On! (1971).

'Swamp Dogg sounds like a cross between General Johnson (of Chairmen of the Board) and Van Morrison; as a songwriter, he's his own man. With the exception of Sly Stone, no other soul men of the period were investigating controversial topics with such infectious musicality and good humor.' - AMG

TAGS: Funk | R&B | Reissue | Soul

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"Creeping Away"


  1. 1. Do You Believe
  2. 2. Predicament #2
  3. 3. Remember I Said Tomorrow
  4. 4. Creeping Away
  5. 5. Got To Get A Message To You
  6. 6. God Bless America
  7. For What
  8. 7. I Kissed Your Face
  9. 8. That Ain't My Wife
  10. 9. She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
  11. 10. Do Our Thing Together

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