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Suzi Quatro
The Devil In Me

Suzi Quatro - The Devil In Me

It’s got to be a very special release that has Suzi Quatro announce proudly: “The Devil In Me is the best album in my career to date!” After all, the American rock vocalist would hardly utter such superlatives lightly. Suzi’s enthusiasm for her latest offering has many reasons, twelve of them to be precise. Because The Devil In Me consists of exactly a dozen songs, each of them - from the opening track and title song to the final “Motor City Riders” – is a real highlight. The album presents Suzi’s full range of musical diversity plus a number of surprises.

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"The Devil In Me"


  1. 1. The Devil In Me
  2. 2. Hey Queenie
  3. 3. Betty Who?
  4. 4. You Can't Dream It
  5. 5. My Heart And Soul (Long Version)
  6. 6. Get Outta Jail
  7. 7. Do Ya Dance
  8. 8. Isolation Blues
  9. 9. I Sold My Soul Today
  10. 10. Love's Gone Bad
  11. 11. In The Dark
  12. 12. Motor City Riders

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 19
    Copenhagen, Denmark Suzi Quatro at Docken
  • Oct 03
    Neuruppin, Germany Suzi Quatro at Kulturkirche "Pfarrkirche"
  • Oct 09
    Gothenburg, Sweden Suzi Quatro with ARTIST TBA at Gothenburg Concert Hall / Göteborgs Konserthus
  • Oct 10
    Stockholm, Sweden Suzi Quatro with ARTIST TBA at Göta Lejon
  • Oct 30
    Dillingen, Germany Suzi Quatro at Lokschuppen
  • Dec 18
    Leipzig, Germany Suzi Quatro at Quarterback Immobilien Arena
  • Apr 20
    London, UK Suzi Quatro at Royal Albert Hall
  • Apr 24
    Stuttgart, Germany Suzi Quatro at Hegelsaal, Liederhalle
  • May 25
    Mönchengladbach, Germany Suzi Quatro at Red Box am Sparkassenpark
  • May 28
    Dillingen, Germany Suzi Quatro at Lokschuppen
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