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Sunny Ozell
Overnight Lows

Sunny Ozell - Overnight Lows

Overnight Lows gleams with engaging melodies and intelligent word plays, performed with a sophisticated fluency in pop, jazz, soul and Americana dialects that makes it a delight to behold. Players on the record include Jay Bellerose (Robert Plant, Alison Krauss), Tyler Chester (George Ezra), Andy Hess (The Black Crowes, David Byrne) and Rich Hinman (Sara Bareilles). The album displays Sunny's love of language and an intimate, soulful delivery, from the cruising feel of “Driving Highways” (with its clever incorporation of a key line from Dobie Gray's 1970s soulful singalong “Drift Away"), at one end, to the bluesy, smoochy “Take You Down” at the other.

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"Driving Highways"


  1. 1. Driving Highways
  2. 2. Comes And It Goes
  3. 3. All That I Am
  4. 4. In The Sun
  5. 5. Not Afraid
  6. 6. Saint Ursula
  7. 7. The Garden
  8. 8. Hammer And Nail
  9. 9. Downstream
  10. 10. Take You Down