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Sugar + The Hi Lows
Trent Dabbs & Amy Stroup

Sugar + The Hi Lows - Trent Dabbs & Amy Stroup

Sugar + The Hi-Lows will celebrate their self-titled debut on a U.S tour opening for Marc Broussard beginning January 27th in Atlanta between headlining dates in Los Angeles and Nashville, respectively.

Formed in 2011, the band is the songwriting duo of Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup who have co-written several songs over the past three years, some of which have been placed on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood,, and Private Practice, to name a few.

'The first sweet musical treat of 2012' -Huffington Post

'bluesy, garage-rock' and 'vocal chemistry' - USA Today

'...the duo knows how to lay just the right amount of the shimmy and sway into their country-tinted rock. Lighthearted on top but not without a heavy retro groove underneath, their forthcoming self-titled debut album channels a sound from the '50s and '60s by way of crisp execution.' - Buzzbands LA

'...both tongue-in-cheek impish and respectful of their pioneering elders as [Sugar and the Hi-Lows]... carouse their way through a retro melange of self-penned soulful, doo-wop slow dances and hip-shakin', sock-hoppin' rave-ups.' - Direct Current Music

'Sweet debut... a wonder record that is an early '12 highlight' - Musical Shapes Blog

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"See It For Yourself"


  1. 1. Show And Tell
  2. 2. Two Day High
  3. 3. I've Got You Covered
  4. 4. See It For Yourself
  5. 5. I Think I Said Too Much
  6. 6. Stubborn Lover
  7. 7. This Can't Be The Last Time
  8. 8. Skip The Line