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Sugar Candy Mountain

Sugar Candy Mountain - Impression

Impression is a carousel ride through time with the Bonnie & Clyde of psych-pop, where classic meets contemporary. Sugar Candy Mountain gallops seamlessly from tripped out Tropicália, Shuggie Otis inspired grooves, kaleidoscopic psych jams, classic ‘70s reverie, and nods to krautrock without ever skipping a beat. Along the way Ash Reiter's honeyed voice hovers seductively between breaking and beauty, taking us on a sensational ride through the ups and downs of apocalyptic visions, tender sunlit musings on love, and deep gazes of self-reflection.

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"Running From Fire"


  1. 1. Running From Fire
  2. 2. Impression
  3. 3. Outside In
  4. 4. The Love Between
  5. 5. Gussie
  6. 6. A Window Is Opened
  7. 7. Wildcat Canyon
  8. 8. Sally Ballerina
  9. 9. The End
  10. 10. In A Flash
  11. 11. No One Can See
  12. 12. Antelope Creek
  13. 13. Please Don't Look Away

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 04
    Mexico City, Mexico Hipnosis Festival 2021
  • Nov 11
    Seattle, WA, US Freakout Fest 2021
  • Nov 12
    Portland, OR, US Sugar Candy Mountain with Wet Dream at Vitalidad Movement Arts Center
  • Nov 13
    Bellingham, WA, US Sugar Candy Mountain at Karate Church
  • May 03
    Mainz, Germany Sugar Candy Mountain at Schon Schön
  • May 04
    Düsseldorf, Germany Sugar Candy Mountain at R25 Kulturschlachthof
  • May 06
    Utrecht, Netherlands Sugar Candy Mountain at Ekko
  • May 08
    London, UK Sugar Candy Mountain at Moth Club
  • May 10
    Hamburg, Germany Sugar Candy Mountain at Molotow Skybar
  • May 11
    Malmö, Sweden Sugar Candy Mountain at Plan B
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