New Releases For November 4, 2014

Streets Of Laredo
Volumes I & II

Streets Of Laredo - Volumes I & II

Ten songs inspired by their old life in NZ and their new life in NYC - in an old converted Auckland theatre where, courtesy of friendships and favors, they locked down that distinctive Streets Of Laredo sound. An influential blog called 'Girlfriend' a 'twisty psychedelic take on the old folk narrative.'

Like Bob Dylan running late to a Ramones concert or Paul Simon getting blind drunk with Grizzly Bear, however you describe them, the resulting songs and sound have had an instant effect on fans and critics alike.


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"Slow Train"


  1. 1. Everything To Everyone
  2. 2. Lonsdale Slide
  3. 3. Girlfriend
  4. 4. Need A Little Help
  5. 5. Homeless
  6. 6. Hey Rose
  7. 7. Slow Train
  8. 8. Laredo
  9. 9. Dear Leron
  10. 10. I'm Living