New Releases For March 16, 2010

Streetlight Manifesto
99 Songs of Revolution

Streetlight Manifesto - 99 Songs of Revolution

New Jersey's Streetlight Manifesto has been dazzling audiences across the world with their creative brand of ska, becoming the decade's leaders of their genre. Since the beginning, they were selling out shows in their native town of New Brunswick and performing to hundreds of thousands of ska fans across the world. They have sold over 150,000 albums and their popularity continues to grow.

Streetlight Manifesto proudly presents their next ambitious piece of work: the aptly titled 99 Songs of A Revolution. Streetlight Manifesto has been working on this project since September 2008, teasing their fans with live previews of various songs that are featured on this highly anticipated record.

99 Songs of A Revolution is a collection reworked and recorded showcasing Streetlight Manifesto's renditions of classics by Paul Simon, The Postal Service, NOFX and The Dead Milkmen among several others. It is the band's testament to the great artistry that influences them and adds to the vast and unique catalog that this band has in the making.

TAGS: Alternative | Punk | Ska


  1. Birds Just Flying Away
  2. Hell
  3. Just
  4. Skyscraper
  5. Punk Rock Girl
  6. Linoleum
  7. Me & Julio Down By The School Yard
  8. They Provide The Paint
  9. Red Rubber Ball
  10. The Troubadour
  11. Such Great Heights

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