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Stick Figure - Set In Stone

From the musical imagination of Scott Woodruff emerges a vibrant sonic soundscape revealed in the newest Stick Figure release, Set In Stone. This new record was written, produced and recorded by Woodruff, a self-taught musician. An intuitive and accomplished producer, Woodruff crafts authentic artistry from the foundation of roots-dub reggae.

Set In Stone is a culmination of a journey that has seen the producer go from a mysterious figure to becoming a major player in the scene, virtually inventing a melodic subgenre, at a time reggae is touching more people than ever before.

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"In This Love"


  1. 1. Fire On The Horizon
  2. 2. In This Love
  3. 3. Sound Of The Sea
  4. 4. Choice Is Yours (Featuring Slightly Stoopid)
  5. 5. Mind Block (Featuring Eric Rachmany)
  6. 6. Sentenced
  7. 7. Out The Door
  8. 8. Weary Eyes
  9. 9. Smokin' Love (Featuring Collie Buddz)
  10. 10. Shadow
  11. 11. One Of Those Days
  12. 12. All My Love
  13. 13. Sunshine And Rain
  14. 14. Smiles On Faces (Featuring KBong)