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Stew & The Negro Problem
Making It

Stew & The Negro Problem - Making It

Making It is the first new album by Stew & The Negro Problem, the collaborative partnership that is Stew and Heidi Rodewald, since Passing Strange, their Tony Award winning play-turned-Spike-Lee-Joint. It's also the first release on the new Tight Natural Productions label formed by Stew and Heidi which will feature their new projects as well as re-releases of their back catalog, some of which has been out of print for some time now.

Making It weeps, moans and sings, as its makers - once coupled, now apart - deliver in equal measure, a male and female, yin and yang, black and white story of love and art, in all its colors and parts. Of course that's what singer-composer Rodewald and the singularly named singer-songwriter-playwright, Stew, have always done, en route from rock 'n' roll trouble to theatrical triumph, since forming their band the Negro Problem in Los Angeles in the early '90s (Heidi joined in '97).

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"Love Is A Cult"


  1. 1. Making It
  2. 2. Pretend
  3. 3. Black Men Ski
  4. 4. Curse
  5. 5. Speed
  6. 6. Love Is A Cult
  7. 7. Suzy Wong
  8. 8. Tomorrow
  9. 9. Leave Believe
  10. 10. Therapy Only Works If You Tell The Truth
  11. 11. Treat Right