New Releases For October 30, 2012

Stevie Tombstone

Stevie Tombstone - Greenwood

Stevie Tombstone's new album, Greenwood, is like a brand new pair of jeans that are already broken in - fresh lyrics with an old soul - a beautiful new take on the oldest subjects - life, love, and the pursuit of great songwriting. An autobiographical journey through the streets, highways, and smoky bars that he has encountered during his nearly 30 years as a traveling musician - honest and to the point with a pure and rootsy outlook.

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"Best Of Worst Intentions"


  1. 1. Lucky
  2. 2. Greenwood
  3. 3. Just Ain't Right
  4. 4. I'd Lose It All
  5. 5. Best Of Worst Intentions
  6. 6. Nails
  7. 7. Wonderland
  8. 8. I Wish I Was Back In Vegas
  9. 9. Goodnight Irene
  10. 10. Your Only Friend
  11. 11. The Backdoor

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