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Steven Halpern
Echoes Of A Dream

Steven Halpern - Echoes Of A Dream

Echoes Of A Dream expands upon Steven Halpern's iconic healing touch with uplifting melodies, ambient atmospheres and exquisitely detailed production. Every track creates a ''natural high'' that is your portal to instant relaxation, mindfulness and inner peace. Music tuned to a harmonic of the Earth's Schumann resonance (approximately 8 Hz), may amplify its healing potential. Therefore, this album is tuned to A=432 Hz rather than standard concert pitch of A=440 Hz. Key tracks showcase the wordless vocal artistry of Kristin Hoffmann and Grammy winner David Darling on cello.

TAGS: Ambient | New Age

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"Echoes Of A Dream"


  1. 1. Echoes Of A Dream
  2. 2. Returning To Love
  3. 3. Cannabis Dreams
  4. 4. Holy Land Dream
  5. 5. Ascending To The 5th Dimension
  6. 6. Residing In The Resonance
  7. 7. Sonic Levitation
  8. 8. Breath Of Bamboo
  9. 9. Sonic Sanctuary
  10. 10. Crystal Keys
  11. 11. In Tune With The Infinite
  12. 12. Ocean Of Bliss