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Steve Howe Trio

Steve Howe Trio - Travelling

For nearly 40 years, Steve Howe has been at the forefront of rock music as a model and inspiration for other guitarists and musicians, perhaps best known as a member of the progressive rock group Yes and latterly in the reformed Asia.

The Steve Howe Trio features his son Dylan Howe, rightly acclaimed as one of the best drummers of his generation, and keyboard maestro Ross Stanley on Hammond organ, Recorded live in London UK and Canada 2008.

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"Siberian Khatru"


  1. 1. Blue Bash
  2. 2. Dream River
  3. 3. Travelin'
  4. 4. Haunted Melody
  5. 5. Tune Up
  6. 6. Siberian Khatru
  7. 7. Mood For A Day
  8. 8. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
  9. 9. Momenta
  10. 10. Kenny's Sound
  11. 11. Laughing With Larry
  12. 12. Close To The Edge