New Releases For April 1, 2016

Steve Dawson
Solid States And Loose Ends

Steve Dawson - Solid States And Loose Ends

As one of Canada’s most sought after producers, session musicians and guitarists, Steve Dawson spends much of his time helping other songwriters and musicians bring their creative visions to life. As wonderful as these collaborations are, it’s when Dawson hunkers down in his Henhouse Studio to record his own music that he truly shines, and the 7-time Juno Award-winning (two as artist, five as producer) artist has come up with something special this time around. Solid States And Loose Ends is a sublime set of new songs that play to all of Dawson’s many musical strengths.

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"Loose Ends"


  1. 1. Loose Ends
  2. 2. Broken Future Blues
  3. 3. Leave My Name Behind
  4. 4. California Saviour
  5. 5. On Top Of The World
  6. 6. Little Silver
  7. 7. Riley’s Henhouse Door
  8. 8. Final Words
  9. 9. Can’t Put That Monkey On My Back
  10. 10. Early Warning
  11. 11. You Got What It Takes
  12. 12. Driver’s Wheel
  13. 13. Delia
  14. 14. Rose’s Blues