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Necrostabbing At Gota Kallare - Live In Stockholm

Sterbhaus - Necrostabbing At Gota Kallare - Live In Stockholm

On October 17, 2015, Sterbhaus played Stockholm to celebrate the release of New Level Of Malevolence. The release show was somewhat belated as the album was released in late spring that year, and that delay was due to two tours scheduled for the spring, two more for later that year, and some festival dates that all disappeared in the blink of an eye for various dubious reasons. So in frustration of not getting out to play the album as much as they did when touring, Sterbhaus instead recorded a new video for the song "Bloodbarf," and recorded this show where they premiered the new video on the big screen.

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"Absolutely Do Not Die!"


  1. 1. Necrostabbing The Corpsefinder
  2. 2. Absolutely Do Not Die!
  3. 3. New Level Of Malevolence
  4. 4. Grudgeholder + Hatemonger
  5. 5. El Giftus Satanus
  6. 6. The King Of The Red
  7. 7. Baby Jee And The 3 Stalkers
  8. 8. Bloodbarf
  9. 9. Ministry