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Business Affairs

Starfire - Business Affairs

Listening to Business Affairs is like feeling the warm sand under your feet, lying on a beach chair under the sun at an island resort enjoying a sweet, ice-cold Piña colada thanks to its tropical getaway-inspired songs like "Paradise." Just like the lady daydreaming through the office window on the album cover, see yourself on the shore like the one on the back of the album, or by the beautiful blue waters on the CD itself as you listen to the songs giving an empathetic voice to anyone coping with the sad and even maddening experience of unrequited love.

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"Infinite Grace"


  1. 1. Infinite Grace
  2. 2. The Revelation
  3. 3. Beyond My Reach
  4. 4. These Memories
  5. 5. Soundtrack Of My Heart
  6. 6. Crystal Scope
  7. 7. Paradise
  8. 8. Sorrowful Ones
  9. 9. Tomorrow
  10. 10. The Better Man
  11. 11. Your Boyfriend