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Devour You

Starcrawler - Devour You

Born on the streets of Los Angeles, Starcrawler is a band possessed by the spirit of its own hometown, every movement charged with a manic electricity. Since forming in 2015, vocalist Arrow de Wilde, guitarist/vocalist Henri Cash, bassist Tim Franco, and drummer Austin Smith have gone from bashing out classic punk covers in the garage to winning the love of such legendary artists as Shirley Manson and Elton John. They’ve also opened for the likes of Beck, Foo Fighters, Spoon, and MC5, bringing their unhinged energy to an already-fabled live show - a spectacle that’s simultaneously lurid and glorious and elegant as ballet.

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"Bet My Brains"


  1. 1. Lizzy
  2. 2. Bet My Brains
  3. 3. Home Alone
  4. 4. No More Pennies
  5. 5. You Dig Yours
  6. 6. Toy Teenager
  7. 7. Hollywood Ending
  8. 8. She Gets Around
  9. 9. I Don't Need You
  10. 10. Rich Taste
  11. 11. Born Asleep
  12. 12. Tank Top
  13. 13. Call Me A Baby