New Releases For May 28, 2013

Star Edwards With KingBeat
Sonic Travels

Star Edwards With KingBeat - Sonic Travels

Star Edwards and KingBeat have teamed up to create an entirely new sound they call World Harp Rock. An exciting exploration of new age, rock and world music, Sonic Travels features seven original songs, along with five of the group's favorite eclectic tunes from around the globe and beyond.

With Sonic Travels you will travel from Spain to China; from St. Thomas island to Jamaica; and from Ireland to the Middle East in ancient times. On your way you can take a dream time journey to the birth of our solar system. All aboard for Sonic Travels.

TAGS: New Age | World

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"Dream Time Journeys"


  1. 1. Barcelona Nights
  2. 2. Chinese Farmer's Tale
  3. 3. Waiting For Summer
  4. 4. St. Thomas
  5. 5. Dream Time Journeys
  6. 6. Little Betty
  7. 7. The Butterfly
  8. 8. Cuando El Rey Nimrod
  9. 9. Against The Odds
  10. 10. Chasing The Lights
  11. 11. Birth Of Monmatia
  12. 12. Jamaica Farwell