New Releases For March 12, 2013

Stan Killian

Stan Killian - Evoke

Based in New York, the Stan Killian Quintet features the dynamic Venezuelan born keyboardist Benito Gonzalez, whose percussive style and rich harmonic approach energizes the band's repertoire. Guitarist Mike Moreno, bassist Corcoran Holt and drummer McClenty Hunter swing hard with a modern sensibility while bringing elements of space and elasticity that supports Killian's tenor sax perfectly.

Evoke is Killian's second album for Sunnyside following the critically acclaimed Unified released in 2011.

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  1. 1. Subterranean Melody
  2. 2. Evoke
  3. 3. Echolalic
  4. 4. Kirby
  5. 5. Beekman33
  6. 6. Observation
  7. 7. Hindu