New Releases For October 13, 2017

St. Vincent

St. Vincent - Masseduction

Masseduction is the culmination of years of writing, with songs crafted from voice memos, text messages, and snippets of melodies that came to Clark while traveling the globe. Special guests on the album include Thomas Bartlett on piano, Kamasi Washington on saxophone, Jenny Lewis on vocals, and beat production from Sounwave. Greg Leisz and Rich Hinman add pedal steel, and Tuck and Patti Andress contribute guitar and vocals respectively on select tracks.

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"New York"


  1. 1. Hang On Me
  2. 2. Pills
  3. 3. Masseduction
  4. 4. Sugarboy
  5. 5. Los Ageless
  6. 6. Happy Birthday, Johnny
  7. 7. Savior
  8. 8. New York
  9. 9. Fear The Future
  10. 10. Young Lover
  11. 11. Dancing With A Ghost
  12. 12. Slow Disco
  13. 13. Smoking Section

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