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St. Vincent

St. Vincent - MassEducation

A stunning standalone work-in-its-own-right, MassEducation is in fact another dimension of last year’s universally acclaimed Masseduction. Recorded live in the studio over two nights in August 2017 while at Reservoir Studios mixing Masseduction, MassEducation lays bare the exquisite songcraft of its other half. Performed entirely by Annie Clark on vocals and Thomas Bartlett on piano, the new album renders songs like “Young Lover” and “Fear The Future” and their subjects in vivid, vulnerable new light. Clark herself describes the album as “two dear friends playing songs together with the kind of secret understanding one can only get through endless nights in New York City.”


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  2. 1. Slow Disco (Piano Version)
  3. 2. Savior (Piano Version)
  4. 3. Masseduction (Piano Version)
  5. 4. Sugarboy (Piano Version)
  6. 5. Fear The Future (Piano Version)
  7. 6. Smoking Section (Piano Version)
  8. 7. Los Ageless (Piano Version)
  9. 8. New York (Piano Version)
  10. 9. Young Lover (Piano Version)
  11. 10. Happy Birthday Johnny (Piano Version)
  12. 11. Pills (Piano Version)
  13. 12. Hang On Me (Piano Version)

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