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Spheric Universe Experience
The New Eve

Spheric Universe Experience - The New Eve

French Prog-Metal sensation Spheric Universe Experience is back with their fourth album, and again breaking musical boundaries. In four albums they have succeeded where most have failed, and in this new collection, have combined hook oriented groove metal, industrial keyboards, and progressive rock into one very tasty cocktail that is quite intoxicating. The New Eve demands the attention of all diverse fans of progressive music.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"The New Eve"


  1. 1. Shut Up
  2. 2. The New Eve
  3. 3. Escape
  4. 4. Never Heal
  5. 5. Angel
  6. 6. The Day I Died
  7. 7. In This Place
  8. 8. Self Abuse
  9. 9. My Heart On The Cross