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Special Consensus
Rivers And Roads

Special Consensus - Rivers And Roads

On Rivers And Roads, Special Consensus shines on a well-curated set of top notch bluegrass songs. The core band - Greg Cahill (banjo, vocals), Rick Faris (guitar, vocals), Nick Dumas (mandolin, vocals) and Dan Eubanks (bass, vocals) - has never sounded better and shows the depth of their vocal and instrumental mastery on the album’s lead off track “Way Down The River Road,” a John Hartford original, augmented by the dancing feet of former John Hartford Stringband member Mark Schatz. Other stand out tracks include “She Took The Tennessee River,” a song destined to become a bluegrass classic. Produced by Alison Brown.

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"She Took The Tennessee River"


  1. 1. Way Down The River Road
  2. 2. Hurting Sure
  3. 3. She Took The Tennessee River
  4. 4. Early
  5. 5. Squirrel Hunters
  6. 6. Big River
  7. 7. Bought And Sold
  8. 8. Travelin' Shoes
  9. 9. Connected By A Runway
  10. 10. Misty Morning

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