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Chicago Barn Dance

Special Consensus - Chicago Barn Dance

On the heels of their Grammy-nominated, IBMA Album of the Year winner Rivers And Roads, Special Consensus celebrates their 45th anniversary with the release of Chicago Barn Dance. The new project is a love note of sorts to Chicago, hometown of the band’s founder and banjo player Greg Cahill. The album’s title track, written for the project by Becky Buller, Missy Raines and the album’s producer Alison Brown, tells the story of WLS Barn Dance and features the exquisite twin fiddling of Grammy winning fiddle legend Michael Cleveland alongside Becky Buller.

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"Chicago Barn Dance"


  1. 1. Chicago Barn Dance
  2. 2. Lake Shore Drive
  3. 3. East Chicago Blues
  4. 4. My Kind Of Town
  5. 5. Looking Out My Back Door
  6. 6. I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music
  7. 7. City Of New Orleans
  8. 8. I Am The City
  9. 9. Won't That Be A Happy Time
  10. 10. Sweet Home Chicago
  11. 11. Chicago Barn Dance - Reprise

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