New Releases For November 4, 2014

Sargent Place

Spain - Sargent Place

For nearly 20 years the music of Josh Haden and Spain has provided a soundtrack for the dreams and waking life of fans the world over, with a signature style that often stirs something deep in the soul of the listener. 2014's Sargent Place, builds on that decades long legacy and pushes it into inspiring new directions.

Produced by Gus Seyffert, Sargent Place features Josh Haden on vocals and bass, Randy Kirk on keyboards and guitars, Matt Mayhall on drums and lead guitarist Daniel Brummel with special guests Petra Haden and Charlie Haden.


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"Love At First Sight"


  1. 1. Love At First Sight
  2. 2. The Fighter
  3. 3. It Could Be Heaven
  4. 4. From The Dust
  5. 5. Sunday Morning
  6. 6. Let Your Angel
  7. 7. To Be A Man
  8. 8. In My Soul
  9. 9. You And I
  10. 10. Waking Song