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True Romance: Pillow Feather White/Blood Red Vinyl

Soundtrack - True Romance: Pillow Feather White/Blood Red Vinyl

The first-ever legitimate release of the True Romance soundtrack on vinyl, housed inside a gatefold album jacket featuring commissioned, custom artwork by Rafał Wechterowicz. This artwork is exclusive to this album’s initial manufacturing run and will never be reprinted. What’s more, this release of True Romance comes in pillow feather white with blood red splatter vinyl limited to 2000 copies. Features composer Hans Zimmer’s riff on Carl Orff (“You’re So Cool”), plus tracks from Shelby Lynne, Soundgarden, Chris Isaak, and more.


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  2. Side Clarence:
  3. 1. You're So Cool – Hans Zimmer
  4. 2. Graceland – Charlie Sexton
  5. 3. In Dreams – John Waite
  6. 4. Wounded Bird – Charles & Eddie
  7. 5. I Want Your Body - Nymphomania
  8. 6. Stars At Dawn – Hans Zimmer
  9. Side Alabama:
  10. 1. I Need A Heart To Come Home To - Shelby Lynne
  11. 2. Viens Mallika Sous Le Dome Edais - Delibes
  12. 3. The Tender Trap – Robert Palmer
  13. 4. Outshined - Soundgarden
  14. 5. Amid The Chaos Of The Day - Hans Zimmer
  15. 6. Two Hearts – Chris Isaak