New Releases For September 28, 2010

For Love Of Liberty

Soundtrack - For Love Of Liberty

Winner 2010 Gold Medal for Excellence In Film Music - Park City Music and Film Festival.

This stirring soundtrack album features 17 pieces taken from the award winning film score, deftly combining instrumental passages with vintage and contemporary vocal performances by The Andrae Crouch Choir, Carol Dennis-Dylan, Billie Holiday, Alex Ligertwood (Santana lead vocalist), Amber Mercomes, Oren Waters, and others.

Drawn from the historical sequences presented in the film, the music conveys the full range of emotions evoked by these untold stories of perseverance and heroism in the face of overwhelming odds.

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"Minstrel Boy"


  1. 1. Minstrel Boy
  2. 2. Give Me Liberty
  3. 3. Vale of Slavery
  4. 4. Was My Brother In The Battle
  5. 5. Battle Hymn
  6. 6. Buffalo Soldiers
  7. 7. Bella Wood
  8. 8. We'll Meet Again
  9. 9. Desperate Times/Strange Fruit
  10. 10. Desperate Times-Part II
  11. 11. Sea Duty
  12. 12. I'll Be Home For Christmas/Bella Wood
  13. 13. O Holy Night
  14. 14. Chappie's Flight
  15. 15. Mo Nam Blues
  16. 16. Pie Jesu
  17. 17. For Love Of Liberty