New Releases For November 25, 2013

Screaming Life / Fopp

Soundgarden - Screaming Life / Fopp

From the depths of the Sub Pop archives comes a reissue of Soundgarden's thunderous opening salvo, Screaming Life, plus bonus tracks from the Fopp EP and Sub Pop 200 compilation. This reissue marks the first time these tracks will be available digitally, and their first appearance on vinyl since the original, late-80s pressings (notwithstanding a long-gone, late-'90s repress of Screaming Life). All tracks have been remastered by Seattle studio wizard and producer of the original Screaming Life and Sub Pop 200 sessions, Jack Endino.

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"Nothing To Say"


  1. 1. Hunted Down
  2. 2. Entering
  3. 3. Tears To Forget
  4. 4. Nothing To Say
  5. 5. Little Joe
  6. 6. Hand Of God
  7. 7. Sub Pop Rock City
  8. 8. Fopp
  9. 9. Fopp (Fucked Up Heavy Dub Mix)
  10. 10. Kingdom Of Come
  11. 11. Swallow My Pride

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