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Live On I-5

Soundgarden - Live On I-5

Soundgarden announce their first-ever collection of live tracks. Live on I-5 - a reference to the Interstate 5 which runs along the West Coast - compiles performances from a 1996 tour and captures the band at the height of their recording and touring career. Including fan favorites like 'Spoonman,' 'Rusty Cage,' and 'Burden In My Hand,' as well what insiders are calling the definitive live performance of 'Jesus Christ Pose,' plus two brilliantly inspired covers: The Beatles' 'Helter Skelter' and The Stooges' 'Search & Destroy.'

It was the first time they ever recorded any live shows, renting a mobile 24-track machine/truck and recording the gigs on 2-inch tape. Soundgarden had intended to release it as a live record soon after the tour, but they disbanded and the tapes were left in the closet to gather dust, until now.

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"Jesus Christ Pose (Oakland)"


  1. 1. Spoonman (Del Mar)
  2. 2. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Del Mar)
  3. 3. Let Me Drown (Del Mar)
  4. 4. Head Down (Seattle)
  5. 5. Outshined (Del Mar)
  6. 6. Rusty Cage (Vancouver)
  7. 7. Burden In My Hand (Salem)
  8. 8. Helter Skelter (Del Mar)
  9. 9. Boot Camp (Del Mar)
  10. 10. Nothing To Say (Seattle)
  11. 11. Slaves And Bulldozers (Oakland)
  12. 12. Dusty (Oakland)
  13. 13. Fell On Black Days (Oakland)
  14. 14. Search And Destroy (Seattle)
  15. 15. Ty Cobb (Del Mar)
  16. 16. Black Hole Sun (Seattle)
  17. 17. Jesus Christ Pose (Oakland)

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