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Soul Asylum
Hurry Up And Wait

Soul Asylum - Hurry Up And Wait

Hurry Up And Wait reflects Soul Asylum's usual eclectic approach: thrashing songs indebted to punk ("Hopped Up Feelin'") and classic rock ("Got It Pretty Good"), folk-influenced pop-rock ("Silly Things"), and gorgeous jangle-pop (lead single "If I Told You"). The band first entered the major-label mainstream with 1988's Hang Time and its 1990 follow-up, And the Horse They Rode In On, before achieving a commercial breakthrough with 1992's triple platinum Grave Dancers Union. That album spawned several international hits, including "Runaway Train," which won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song, and "Black Gold," and made Soul Asylum alternative radio and MTV staples.

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"If I Told You"


  1. 1. The Beginning
  2. 2. If I Told You
  3. 3. Got It Pretty Good
  4. 4. Make Her Laugh
  5. 5. Busy Signals
  6. 6. Social Butterfly
  7. 7. Dead Letter
  8. 8. Landmines
  9. 9. Here We Go
  10. 10. Freezer Burn
  11. 11. Silent Treatment
  12. 12. Hopped Up Feelin'
  13. 13. Silly Things

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 06
    Effingham, IL, US Soul Asylum at Effingham Performance Center
  • Nov 27
    Eindhoven, Netherlands Come As You Are 2021
  • Apr 27
    Reading, PA, US Soul Asylum and Local H at Reverb
  • Apr 29
    Portland, ME, US Soul Asylum, Local H, and Juliana Hatfield at Aura
  • Apr 30
    New Bedford, MA, US Soul Asylum at Greasy Luck BrewPub - The Vault
  • May 01
    Hampton, NH, US Soul Asylum, Local H, and Juliana Hatfield at Wally's Pub
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