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Sons Of Hippies
Griffons At The Gates Of Heaven

Sons Of Hippies - Griffons At The Gates Of Heaven

The hugely anticipated national debut of Florida-based psychonauts, Sons Of Hippies. Twelve all new recordings featuring the passionate vocals of Katherine Kelly, the penetrating grooves of drummer Jonas Canales and bassist David Daly plus pulsating, psychedelic atmospheres that will appeal to fans of space rock bands from Hawkwind to Flaming Lips.

Mixed by Jack Endino (Nirvana, L7) and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Andy Walter (Radiohead, David Bowie, U2). East coast tour in June including special engagements with prog rock superstars Wishbone Ash & Nektar.

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"Spaceship Ride"


  1. 1. Forward
  2. 2. Mirrorball
  3. 3. Dark Daisies
  4. 4. Rose
  5. 5. Spaceship Ride
  6. 6. Man Or Moon
  7. 7. Magnets
  8. 8. Blood In The Water
  9. 9. Whatever We Spend
  10. 10. Minute x Minute
  11. 11. Animal Battle
  12. 12. Cautionary Tale