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Son Little - Son Little

Son Little’s new album is, in its purest form, American music. The artist formerly known as Aaron Livingston clearly studies, respects and loves the music that came before him. What happens next, though, is what makes him so appealing. Samples, fuzzy guitar and simple drums work together to create an undeniable groove, and as a songwriter, he can really tell a story. As a vocalist, Livingston brings the heartbreak - his voice feels real and rough around the edges - while his impeccably crafted songs are honest and unpretentious. There's not a self-conscious moment here, yet it's pop music at the core. Listen to "Lay Down" to discover a unique, fearless voice.

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"Lay Down"


  1. 1. I’m Gone
  2. 2. Nice Dreams
  3. 3. Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches
  4. 4. Toes
  5. 5. Carbon
  6. 6. Lay Down
  7. 7. Doctor’s In
  8. 8. O Mother
  9. 9. Go Blue Blood Red
  10. 10. Loser Blues
  11. 11. The River
  12. 12. About A Flood

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 24
    Dana Point, CA, US Ohana Fest 2021
  • Oct 06
    Philadelphia, PA, US Philly Music Festival 2021
  • Sep 07
    Hamburg, Germany Son Little at Bahnhof Pauli
  • Sep 08
    Berlin, Germany Son Little at Privatclub
  • Sep 09
    Cologne, Germany Son Little at Helios 37
  • Sep 10
    Zürich, Switzerland Son Little at Exil
  • Sep 12
    Antwerp, Belgium Son Little at Kavka Oudaan
  • Sep 14
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Son Little at Paradiso
  • Sep 15
    Rotterdam, Netherlands Son Little at BIRD
  • Sep 16
    Paris, France Son Little at La Maroquinerie
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