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SomeKindaWonderful - SomeKindaWonderful

Fateful encounters at Cleveland bars rarely lead to musical mythology, but SomeKindaWonderful have a different kind of story to tell - regarding their chance encounter and writing their hit single 'Reverse', and their debut album coming together.

'It's an R&B soul rock record,' says Towers. 'It sort of mirrors my move from LA to Cleveland. That path is reversed from what you'd expect. Nothing is deliberate. Just like how we met, it's natural and all about the music. I still can't believe I met my musical soul mates at a bar in Ohio.'

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  1. 1. Cornbread
  2. 2. Police
  3. 3. Hard For Days
  4. 4. Honeymoon
  5. 5. Reverse
  6. 6. Caveman
  7. 7. Amaretto
  8. 8. Devilish Man
  9. 9. Laugh Out Loud
  10. 10. In Chains
  11. 11. Shine On Me
  12. 12. Burn