New Releases For September 15, 2017

Scream: The Essentials

SOiL - Scream: The Essentials

Celebrating the band's 20-year career, this release features tracks from their humble beginnings, and their rise to fame, plus alternate versions and mixes. “Gimme Some Lovin'” is primarily an R&B-based song, but SOiL added their own personal touch to give it a modern 2017 hard rock element. Other songs exclusive to this release include an acoustic version of “Can You Heal Me” (recorded at Dimebag Darrell’s home studio in 2004 with Vinnie Paul producing), a version of the song “Give It Up” that features the late Wayne Static from Static X, and a cover of Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage.”

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"Gimme Some Lovin’"


  1. 1. Gimme Some Lovin’
  2. 2. Broken Wings (El Chupacabra Version)
  3. 3. Road To Ruin
  4. 4. Black Betty
  5. 5. Halo
  6. 6. Unreal
  7. 7. Breaking Me Down
  8. 8. Pride
  9. 9. ReDeFine
  10. 10. Can You Heal Me (Acoustic Version)
  11. 11. Give It Up (Featuring Wayne Static)
  12. 12. Let Go
  13. 13. Like It Is (Alternate Version)
  14. 14. The Lesser Man
  15. 15. My Time (Kickstart Version)
  16. 16. Shine On
  17. 17. The Hate Song
  18. 18. Way Gone (Radio Version)
  19. 19. Halo - Live In London (Bonus Track)
  20. 20. Rusty Cage (Bonus Track)

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