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Soccer Mommy
color theory

Soccer Mommy - color theory

For Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, color theory is a distillation of hard-won catharsis. The album confronts the ongoing mental health and familial trials that have plagued the 22-year-old artist since pre-pubescence, presenting listeners with an uncompromisingly honest self-portrait, and reminding us exactly why her critically-acclaimed debut, 2018’s Clean, made her a hero to many. color theory’s sonic landscape is vast and dextrous, illustrating how much Allison has evolved as a musician and matured as a person over the past year. The melodies on color theory shimmer on the surface, but they reveal an unsettling darkness with each progressive listen.

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"circle the drain"


  1. 1. bloodstream
  2. 2. circle the drain
  3. 3. royal screw up
  4. 4. night swimming
  5. 5. crawling in my skin
  6. 6. yellow is the color of her eyes
  7. 7. up the walls
  8. 8. lucy
  9. 9. stain
  10. 10. gray light

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Feb 08
    Cologne, Germany Soccer Mommy at Bumann & Sohn
  • Feb 09
    Hamburg, Germany Soccer Mommy at Molotow
  • Feb 10
    Berlin, Germany Soccer Mommy at Frannz Club
  • Feb 12
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Soccer Mommy at Paradiso
  • Feb 13
    Nijmegen, Netherlands Soccer Mommy at Merleyn
  • Feb 15
    Brussels, Belgium Soccer Mommy at Botanique - Rotonde
  • Feb 16
    Paris, France Soccer Mommy at Petit Bain
  • Feb 18
    London, UK Soccer Mommy at Electric Ballroom
  • Feb 19
    Birmingham, UK Soccer Mommy at The Castle & Falcon
  • Feb 20
    Brighton, UK Soccer Mommy at Concorde 2
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