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Smile Smile
Marry A Stranger

Smile Smile - Marry A Stranger

Smile Smile's music chronicles the personal lives of Ryan Hamilton and Jencey Hirunrusme, two musicians who fell in love and started a band. The pair released their first album, Blue Roses while planning their lives together: they got engaged, shared a home and looked toward the future as a married couple. Along the way infidelity ensued, the dream crumbled and the two ended their relationship, but not their musical ties. The band's sophomore album, Truth On Tape details the heartbreaking end of their union. Their latest album, Marry A Stranger has the duo coming full circle, as friends to create an album together.

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"Marry A Stranger"


  1. 1. This Is For Real
  2. 2. Marry A Stranger
  3. 3. Next To Me
  4. 4. When We Make Love
  5. 5. Fatal Flaw
  6. 6. Burn The Water
  7. 7. Permanent Bliss
  8. 8. Broken Buildings
  9. 9. Backwards
  10. 10. Statue
  11. 11. Some Mornings

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